Replacing Toxic Chemicals with Natural, Organic Products in Commercial Cleaning

Replacing Toxic Chemicals with Natural

You had to see this one coming from a mile away. Using safe organic cleaning supplies is the in thing. In fact, professional cleaners in Perth are now using organic cleaning products that are safe for their employees who work to ensure that offices, schools, hospitals, factories, etc., are spic and span.

Truth be told, companies who provide janitorial services to help maintain a clean environment for commercial and residential properties face various hazards of being exposed to hazardous chemicals every day. What can you do to help safeguard your employees and small business to improve your workers’ lives and comply with various laws and regulations? Why? Safety matters.

Granted, certain commercial cleaning situations call for using more abrasive products; however, most commercial cleaning products contain hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that leach into the air and wreak havoc on our health. At the very least, these chemicals will irritate the skin and eyes; however, prolonged exposure to toxic-laden cleaning products can potentially cause respiratory impairment that makes it hard to breathe.

Here is an example of toxic chemicals that you will find in everyday cleaning supplies that you should avoid by all means;


  • Alcohol, more specifically Ethanol, Methanol, and Isopropanol, can be found in various types of all-purpose and prolonged exposure through inhalation may cause sinus even throat cancers.
  • Ammonia is another culprit found in many cleaning products, and when combined with bleach, it emits a highly poisonous gas called chloramine, which, when inhaled, can irritate the upper G.I tract
  • Additional toxic chemicals include Bleach, Butyl Cellosolve, Carbolic Acid/ Phenol, Cresol, Glycols, Formaldehyde, Hydrofluoric Acid, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Sulphuric Acid, etc.



Replacing Toxic Chemicals
with Natural, Organic Products

The list of hazardous chemicals in commercial cleaning products is endless. If you have no desire to risk exposing yourself to toxicity, it’s time to start cleaning with natural, organic products and cleaning supplies. The goal here is to hire Klean N Fresh cleaning company that uses natural commercial cleaning products and supplies; So, what is the best cause of action?

Find a Safe and Reliable Cleaning Company

Whether you are in the market for janitorial services, office cleaning, industrial, commercial, or something as simple as carpet cleaning services, there are things that you can’t afford to overlook when hiring professional cleaners in Perth.

For example, reputable commercial cleaners like Klean N Fresh will readily have their credentials and references upon your request. If you want to find a reliable cleaning company in Perth that offers consistent and reliable services every time, the following is what you need to be on the lookout for.


  • If you are adopting an Eco-friendly lifestyle, so should your cleaning company. It should use non-toxic commercial cleaning products that will keep your spaces safe.
  • A professional cleaning company should give you peace of mind by being transparent in their costing and timelines to suit your needs.
  • It maintains a high level of respect and professionalism when on a customer’s property.
  • A company that puts safety first, like Klean and Fresh cleaning services, will treat its employees and, most importantly, your business equally. Always ask if they provide insurance and worker’s compensation.


If you are looking for a commercial or industrial cleaning company, contact us to get a quote. You are assured of flexible cleaning services in Perth to keep your property safe and free from chemical toxins.